A to Z Challenge – I is for Imagination

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A2Z-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good


Have you ever wondered what this thing is that we call imagination?  What a wonderful thing it is! Many will say that it is imagination that separates us from the so-called lesser animals. Imagination allows us to look at ‘what ifs’ and it leads is to question, Why and How.

Here is a little poem I wrote one day whilst pondering the nature of imagination – using imagination to create something from my imagination. 






What is imagination?

I only wish I knew.

It’s hidden deep within our brains

Far away from view.



It comes out in all sorts of ways:

In music and in art;

In story writing and poetry;

In science and in sport.



Imagination leads us on

When life seems very boring;

It helps us pass the time away

In thoughts that are transforming.



It works within the fertile mind

To bring forth ideas brand new;

It shows new ways of doing things

We never thought we’d do.



It’s made the world a better place

In very many ways;

It’s brought us nice new gadgets,

And eased our working days.



It’s our source of entertainment

Our ticket to the stars;

It’s wonderful what it can do;

I’d like to bottle it in jars.



Scientists can poke and prod

And do their experiments,

But they’ll never find the source of

The mind’s creative talents.



We all have these mental faculties,

So don’t fall into stagnation –

Because we think of what is possible

When we use imagination.


(c) Linda Visman



Entitlement or Responsibility?

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The choice of TV stations and free-to-air programmes, as well as of pay TV, has certainly expanded considerably in the last couple of years. Then again, this is like many other aspects of our society. We have access to so much, and for such little cost, that it is almost, if not literally, obscene.

There are so many people in the world who struggle to keep body and soul together, or to have any kind of personal freedom. And yet most of us in western society have everything we need, and more, so easily and so cheaply. And it is usually based upon the exploitation of cheap, exploited, overseas labour in third-world countries.

We have also come to expect this as our right, and that is tragic for our greedy and selfish society.

We are not learning – or indeed, teaching our younger generation, that it is a good and positive thing to work for what you get. It should not be handed out on a damask-covered platter.

How will our young ones learn responsibility if they are given whatever they want? How will they even know the satisfaction and sense of achievement that comes with doing something for themselves?

How will they learn to exercise their imaginations if they are spoon-fed with computer games and movies and wii games, with instant communications and instant gratification, with advertising and political exploitation.

How can they stretch their creativity if they cannot make something from almost nothing, to fulfil their needs, or even for their entertainment?

I fear that there is coming a time when creativity will be stifled – if it has not already arrived. The exceptions will be those few who are given the opportunity to stretch themselves by caring and discerning parents, and those who have the strength of character to go their own way, against the pressures of conformity.

These are the ones who give us hope for a future that is not robotic or constrained by the bread and circuses of those who rule by giving the masses what they want.

We should hold back on giving our children what should be earned, and on allowing what they should produce from their own creativity.


© Linda Visman, August 2011

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