A to Z Challenge – Y is for You’re in there!

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A2Z-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good


Do you ever have trouble finding a word?


You’re in There – I Know You Are!


Stop, Word! I saw you.

Get back here, I need you.

I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

Oh, no. Don’t you go and hide;

I know you’re in there –

Come out and let me see you!


Come on out. Please.

This happens every time I need you;

You’re nowhere to be found.

Stop hiding behind the others!

No, I don’t want them,

I want you!

They just aren’t right for this work.


Oh, please, Word.

Don’t you want to be famous;

Have everyone quoting you;

Be the very latest “bon mot”?

You do? Great!

Share? Well, yes, of course

You’ll have to share

The poem with the other words.


You don’t want to? But why?

They’re just the everyday words;

The run-of-the-mill words.

They just can’t do the job like you can!

I need a word

That says it just right;

That conveys the perfect idea;

That creates the exact emotion.


That’s you. Yes, you!

Oh, come on, Word.

You’ll look so good on the paper,

Or on the screen.

You’ll be admired, and …


Word! Come out, this minute!

You’re spoiling everything.

My poem will be ruined.

You don’t care, do you?

You just don’t care.


This is your last chance, Word.

Get yourself out here!

Come out of my memory.

Right now!



(c)  Linda Visman

Memory Shadows

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What causes us to remember some things and not others?

From reading I have done, I discover that there are three major processes relating to memory: encoding, storage and retrieval. I also learned that there are probably three stages of memory: sensory memory; short-term memory; and long-term memory.

I’ve written about ‘losing my history’ through a lack of artefacts from my childhood. But there is more to the loss than that. The simple fact is that I have a poor memory of that time.

Apparently, we do not retain much of the information around us because we do not “rehearse” it, which we need to do if we want it to reach our long-term memory.

I can remember tunes and songs I grew up with and sing them still – I suppose I used to sing them often, but I cannot remember specific events in my life unless there was something that really stood out about them. But even then, I wonder why I cannot remember my mother and her brother being reunited on television not long after TV first came to Australia in 1956? I was about nine, my younger sister seven, and she remembers it clearly.

Psychology gives us four main reasons for this forgetting:

  • The event didn’t make it to long-term memory;
  • Interference of one memory with another;
  • Inability to retrieve the memory;
  • Motivated forgetting, either suppression (intentional) or repression (unconscious).

   I know that I made my First Communion when I was seven and was Confirmed when I was ten (I am in a photo taken at home that day), but I cannot remember the actual days themselves. My sisters and my younger brother remember theirs, so why don’t I?

My husband and I went to the same high school for four years. We lived in the same street and, for the last two years, we caught the same bus to and from school. We would walk and talk together as far as the T-intersection at our street; he’d turn left to his home and I’d turn right to mine. He remembers it all clearly. I don’t remember it at all.

If one or more of the above four are the reasons for my forgetting these events in my life, then I wonder which it could be. They were all things that were important to me at the time, so surely, I wouldn’t want to forget them. There wouldn’t be a clash of memories either, and I certainly wouldn’t have tried to forget them.

So that leaves the inability to retrieve the memories because they have not been ‘rehearsed’. But, if that is so, why can I remember something like playing in the sandpit with my baby brother, when I haven’t thought about it for over fifty years?

Perhaps there is more to memory and its retrieval than we realise, and there are still many questions that need to be answered. But I really would like to remember a lot more of my childhood. It would cut down on a lot of frustration in my writing life!

© Linda Visman,

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