What are we going to do?

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I have been a regular reader of Apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic novels for many years. And I have always been sure that some sort of world-wide emergency would happen eventually – human nature guaranteed it. Until very recently, we have been destroying our environment with gay abandon and even now that we know our actions are destructive, we don’t stop.


Greed and the desire for power have become the dominant motive guiding far too many of our leaders – not just in government, business and every other stratified organisation, but even in our own everyday lives.

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We want more than we have, even though most of us in the First World don’t need more – we are already far more comfortably off than most people in other countries – and we don’t care if we get it at the expense of others. Just look at how workers are paid a pittance in Third World countries to produce the consumables our society thinks important. Look at the response to the COVID-19 pandemic; the panic buying that has been occurring here in Australia, in Great Britain, the United States and other places, as shoppers grab as much as they can, and much more than they need.


But now, I believe, Nature is striking back. It is not some god from a fairy tale after-life sending the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. It is the world we have been raping, pillaging and destroying for hundreds of years. It is our lack of moral fibre, our desire for more and more goods, a better lifestyle, higher status, that has driven a natural response from our natural world.


The balance of the natural systems that our planet, developed over millions of years, has been overturned.  Just as it became possible for our species to develop, breed and evolve, and come to think we are the masters of the universe, we are finding that we have been changing it drastically. We are creating (have created?) a world that may well become uninhabitable to humanity – and we are taking many other life forms with us.


That is why the climate is changing, why there are so many “unprecedented” storms,  heat waves, freezing winters, floods, droughts and other natural events.  We have seen it in the USA, in Europe, in Asia and the sub-continent, as well as at the polar ice caps. We have seen it recently here in Australia – disastrous drought, fire and flood. And now we also have the COVID-19 virus in a pandemic that hasn’t been seen since 1918.

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COVID-19 is a naturally occurring variation of an animal virus – either bat or pangolin – that has crossed into the human population. It is a virulent and opportunistic virus to which we have as yet no resistance, apart from our own naturally developed immune responses to other viruses. And that means many are at risk, not just the old and those with already compromised immune systems, but even to seemingly healthy young people.


Our tendency to want to travel the world is spreading the virus more quickly than if we were in smaller, sedentary groups. Our very numbers mean that contact is hard to avoid. The social distance policy strives to overcome that somewhat, but it depends on whether people co-operate. How devastating this pandemic ends up being depends whether we can pull together, not just for humanity’s sake, but for all of our natural world.


Although I read of so many theoretical disastrous endings to most of the human race, and although I expected something like this to come, I didn’t think I would be here when it happened. This may not be the end of the world, but it will be the end of the world we knew. And if we don’t do our best to look after it after the pandemic has passed, then I believe it would have been better if it had been the end of humanity.

Will we go the way of the dinosaurs?


(c) Linda Visman 20.03.2020


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  1. Very thought-provoking. If we are heading for extinction, then we are going out as a very short-lived species compared to the dinosaurs. They were far more long-lasting than humanity appears to be. The dinosaurs were not the engineers of their own downfall.

    • Yes, the dinosaurs were the innocent victims of the meteor, while we are creating our own destruction. If we don’t lift our game, I fear we will be a very short-lived species.

  2. Linda, thank you for this. You have said it all so simply and devastatingly. Yes, I fear this will be the end of the world we knew. What the recession that follows will look like, and to what extent the powers that be will jump in opportunistically to restructure things even further in their favor I have no idea. I do know that I will resist them with every fibre of my being.
    You speak of our desire to travel the world; with nations now closing their borders I wonder how long it will be before I can visit family in India and England, and how easy it will be travel when this is over. Perhaps it will become prohibitively expensive; I don’t know.
    Grateful for the internet connection that allows me to connect with people like you around the world, and wonder how long that access will be open to the likes of us.
    Drought, floods, fire, and now pestilence. Boy have we messed this world up!
    Take care and be well.

    • Yes, it is the powerful who will determine what happens afterwards, Josna – unless enough people like you and I resist them all the way.
      The travel thing is hard for many. My son couldn’t come from Japan to visit and take his daughter back. She’s been staying with another of my sons in Brisbane for the first term of the school year. He was fortunate to re-book on an earlier flight so that she can travel back on Saturday. She’s had to say good bye to her cousins & school friends 2 weeks early. I don’t know when I will see them again.
      I think our internet systems will get over-loaded with social distancing being observed by many. I just hope it can cope. All my sons & families live far away & I need to keep contact with them.
      All the very best to you and you loved ones in this unsettled time.

  3. Great Question Linda.

    I think the answer is the realisation that we are all in this together. Global issues like climate change and the corona virus can only be solved with global cooperation. We need to become global citizens and support the United Nation’s strategy development goals.
    No country can be made “Great” will over nations suffer.

    • Macluhan’s global village – we need villages that work locally, not the horror of what urbanisation has created. But I suppose we will have to see what the situation brings us. I really fear that the powers that be now will just go back to their usual ways of killing the world.
      Thanks for commenting, John. 🙂

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  5. Hi Linda, in some respects what the future holds may be frightening to a lot of people. After witnessing how people have crazy with hoarding and attacking others for a product they want and this is in our great country. I never thought i would see this in my time either. I truly hope that anarchy doesnt rear its ugly head amongst the population and they send the army in.

    • Hi Jane. Yes, there are many who are afraid, and it is mostly because they don’t know the facts, even though they are available in many places. It is these people who act on their fears and go to stock up on things that don’t seem rational – because they are not thinking rationally.
      I think the social distancing will act to reduce the sort of violent reactions you mention, and if violence does occur, it will be the irrational reactions of unthinking people. Stay home and keep safe is the best advice, I believe.
      Thanks so much for commenting. 🙂

  6. As usual, Linda, you have expressed your ideas eloquently – and I agree.
    The planet will throw us off sooner probably than later unless we mend our ways dramatically. Scomo and Co have shown they can act decisively, upon the advice of experts (doctors) so they now have no excuse to ignore scientists who have, for thirty years, been telling them to act to preserve our planet from severe climate change.

    • Nice to see you here, Jan. 🙂
      They didn’t take it seriously at first, just like Trump, but finally realised this virus is a serious issue. I am just hoping they will listen to rational medical advice. The signs are there, but they aren’t noted for their care for others.

  7. Sorry all your scepticism is deafening to my ears. The situation we are in now has nought to do with your climate nonsense. I have been living in this country for seven and a half decades and experienced 4 huge bush fires, so what you are saying is certainly only part of the cycle … and the whole Royal National Park has cleared twice in that time where the ocean could be viewed from the Princes Highway but naturally grew back.Floods have been common place in Lismore, Maitland, low lying areas of western Sydney … every 5 – 7 years. It is only development that has changed the result on the ground where houses are built higher off the ground now. Emissions of carbon are what we need to ‘warm’ us somewhat so everything grows and gives us oxygen from the same trees … remember we too are made of carbon … so your solutions would most certainly send us into a disappearing act. And finally, this coronavirus is nothing but a ‘new’ strain of the ‘flu’ which we had hidden from us when it was discovered which I solemnly believe is an act of terrorism and nothing else. The UN and the WHO want a One World Government to control us all … this little ‘test’ by China proved to the Western World that we are but mere putty in any Dictator’s hands … and yes I will agree it is because of greed that we want our comforts and tangible goods for the cheapest outlay to collect more tangible goods … this has been a great wake-up call. Thankfully this strain is protecting the young people, so procreation can continue hence humankind is safe … for the moment. I believe we are going to come out of this ‘wake up call’ far more savvy, we will ‘make’ things again. We will protect ourselves by our scientists going back to ‘real’ science instead of trying to prove something which is a myth because the government is giving them big $$$ to support their goal … to control Australians completely. Tell us how much electricity we can have, how many dams with water we can have, what agriculture choices we can grow and what things we can dig out from our ground … some of which we can do as long as we sell it to others for $$$ but our own country is not allowed to have. No readers I enjoyed reading your opinions but I’m sorry I am too much of a realist to believe in myths, opinions as facts and defeatist attitudes. We should all love what we have, protect what we have, make things again and appreciate the fact that our fate has us living in the best country in the world and instead of whingeing about everything and being unhappy, rise every morning and breathe in our delicious air and be grateful that we have another day to enjoy and believe that we are capable of making a positive difference to those in our circles of family, friends, colleagues and even our foes (if we have any). Come on everyone … smile and be happy with who we are and what we have!

  8. Colleen, I agree utterly with the last part of your comment:
    “We should all love what we have, protect what we have, make things again and appreciate the fact that our fate has us living in the best country in the world and instead of whingeing about everything and being unhappy, rise every morning and breathe in our delicious air and be grateful that we have another day to enjoy and believe that we are capable of making a positive difference to those in our circles of family, friends, colleagues and even our foes (if we have any). Come on everyone … smile and be happy with who we are and what we have!”
    I also agree that we should own our own industries and farms, but several of your assertions are conspiracy theories, designed to make us blame others instead of ourselves.
    I sincerely hope that all people, in all countries, pull together to make our world a better place. We have a terrific country here, so let’s do what we can to make sure our “leaders” don’t take us down that path to destruction.
    Thank you for your comment – all opinions are welcomed.

  9. Well said Linda. You always get straight to the heart of things. There is much I could say, but want to wait until I have looked at the final outcome first.

    • Thanks Cate. Yes, we do need to watch and wait before we can be too definitive. I just hope we are all there at the final outcome. 🙂

  10. I share your thoughts, Linda. Despite our commitment to war as a way to kill each other off, I’ve long believed that a virus was the greater threat. Our destruction of the balance of nature in conjunction with our use of chemicals in food and in our environment impacts internal and external “biology.” How could it not? Sadly, I don’t think this connection is going to be made and biological destruction is going to continue. I do feel like I’m living in a bad sci-fi movie.

    • Yes, it does seem like a bad sci-fi movie in many ways. And just as in those movies, the leaders of most countries are inept and slow moving, ignoring those who know what we should be doing. We won’t get a super-hero to save the world though. 😦

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