Feeling the Rapture?

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For some time now, my journal has been mostly a record of, and comments on, the political, economic and social events in our world that are shaping up to bring about the end of the human species (and a great many others) – or at least to reduce it to small bands that I hope will have learned from what led to the destruction of most of the natural world. (Who am I kidding!?)


In recording all of these news events and commentary, It feels like I am documenting the biblically foretold Apocalypse. I probably am, although it has nothing to do with any god who will reward the good and punish the wicked. I don’t believe any of that. The so-called punishment of the wicked (ie, those who don’t believe in this manifestation of god) & The Rapture for the believers (ie, those who do believe in it and are rich, powerful and unscrupulous in exploiting the world and its inhabitants) is and always has been a tool for that very exploitation.


No, we don’t need a Satan to do this, we can do it all on our own. The exploitation and consequent destruction leading to climate change, among other outcomes, are the direct result of mankind’s own pride, greed, superior attitude & desire for power, and also of apathy from the general population who could have risen up against all that if they would open their eyes and see.


We have unending corruption and denial of morals, fomentation of fear, hatred and intolerance, the waste and/or pollution of precious resources, war, murder & genocide, as well as probable destruction of the environment and most of the life within it.


It may be possible to save some of our habitat, our plants and animals and the things we had always taken for granted, before they disappear. However, it will take a huge amount of combined protest from all levels of society. That means we need to arouse people from their apathy, foster tolerance and good-will, and make people realise they must act to get rid the Rupert Murdochs, Donald Trumps, Scott Morrisons and Peter Duttons of this world.


However, I have feeling that mankind as a species is too selfish to act for our planet, even though they will be encouraging their own destruction by not doing so. It takes an unselfish attitude to work towards the reconstruction of our world for the benefit of our children and their descendants. Unfortunately, for too many of us, our genes have not evolved to that level of consideration for others.


Whatever happens, I hope that those fake so-called Christians (who give true Christians a bad name) expecting to go with The Rapture are sent to some sort of hell instead because that’s what they deserve, and that those who have fought for humanity and all of nature and our planet will get the wonderful peace they deserve.


Linda Visman



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  1. I share your anger and despair, Linda. Including about the mean-spirited and un-Christianlike behavior of a vocal group of self-proclaimed “Christians.” The tragedy of climate change is happening everywhere, though Australia seems to be taking the brunt of it now. Who will be hit next?

    That said, I read a post this morning about some grassroots efforts that are swelling into a growing tide of change. Finally, despite the Donald Trumps of the world, I felt a little bit of hope, a little clearing of the smoke. For many nations, people, and wildlife, climate action will come too late to forestall further tragedy, but it’s going to come. Here’s that post from Sean Carlin, if you want a tiny lift: http://www.seanpcarlin.com/climate-change-hope/

    • Thank you Diana for you support and concern! I have been to Sean’s blog post and left a comment. I just wish I saw the same hope here in Australia.

      • I’m so sorry for what you and your country is going through, Linda. It’s hard to know what to say in the face of such tragedy. Sending love.

  2. I’m sorry I took so long to arrive here. The home station has been crowded since Christmas and I am still catching up in many ways. We share a standpoint on Christianity and its worth: all religions are founded basically upon a need to put the blame onto somebody else, and sheer terror at the prospect of death.

    The more of us raise our voices in certain portions of the world, the more likely we are to be heard. In those portions where our vote matters. In USA, where the democracy is rigged, nothing pulls weight like sickly sentimentality; hence the attention given to little Greta, though we have to wait until Trumpset to get anything especially altered. But in Russia and in China, where there are no democratic options, economic pressure can work. We buy less and less oil: if we also refuse to buy Chinese goods unless they can be proven to be ethically sourced…

    I am convinced the answers are different for different nations but they have this in common. If we stop buying, they listen. Organization of the common purse – maybe that’s where the answer lies.

    • I really like your term Trumpset! How I hope that will be soon. I also wish our govt could be toppled. Trouble here is that you can hardly tell the difference between the far right Liberal-Nationals and the now-right wing Labor parties. What a travesty the Labor party is! They do nothing but follow the easy route – submission to populism. I am disgusted!

  3. Linda,

    It is very much the Judeo-Christian worldview of dominion over the Earth, coupled with the cannibalistic growth mandate of extractive capitalism, that led us into this global crisis — you are 100% right about that. And with complete empathy for everything you are experiencing in Australia — I am in Los Angeles and have choked on the pervasive smoke of wildfires myself — I can promise you there’s reason to be hopeful right now. I absolutely believe, as my mentor former U.S. Vice President Al Gore does, humanity will not only get a handle on this crisis, but that we will ultimately emerge better off from it — that unlike the ideology of disaster capitalism you and I were born under, your grandchildren will come to live in a world that operates by an ethos of democratic eco-socialism, of care and repair. It’s already happening, though I appreciate that that’s cold comfort to people watching their homelands obliterated by wildfires or bomb cyclones. Mr. Gore himself is fond of quoting an MIT economist who famously said, “Things take longer to happen than you think they will, but then they happen faster than you thought they could.” Wait and see: 2020 will be the year the tide turns.

    Activism is the antidote to despair, and there are plenty of things you can do to help usher in the era of a Global Green New Deal. First off: Talk to your friends and neighbors about climate change. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know much about it, or don’t want to face it because it’s “depressing.” You can make a big difference simply by discussing it, which serves the dual function of spreading awareness and mitigating wariness of the subject.

    Encourage your sons and grandchildren to get involved. Support politicians who make climate a legislative priority. You’ll be surprised how much hope you’ll take from simple actions like those.

    Conversely, don’t waste your time trying to convert deniers: They’re (proudly) impenetrable, and they’re the (increasing) minority now, anyway. Focus on educating and activating people that care about this issue, but don’t understand the science, need for urgency, and/or how they can contribute to the solution.

    Whatever you do, Linda, don’t give into despair — not when we’re thisclose to the systemic change our world so desperately longs for. We wouldn’t be this far along if it weren’t for folks like you who care so deeply. Take hope from that.


    • Sean, thank you so much for your lengthy and hopeful comment here.
      Yes, action is a great positive response to negativity, and I do the best I can with that. I am proud that my sons and their families are also living and acting with awareness of the situation. It is so important that, with the future of their children at stake they do what they can.
      Entrenched systems like capitalism are hard to change – and the initial generation of a slight movement is the hardest – but yes, I do see some positive action on that. Let’s just hope that what the MIT economist and Mr Gore say will happen, that momentum will gradually develop and speed to a really positive outcome.
      Thank you again for your support – I wish we had a Mr Gore or a Mr Attenborough – or a Greta Thunberg – here in Australia. Hopefully, we soon will.

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