A pleasant Sunday Morning

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We had a lovely morning on Sunday, a beautiful & pleasant winter’s day. We went for a drive, going anti-clockwise from the west side of Lake Macquarie where we live around to Swansea on the east (coastal) side.

We bought coffee at Macdonald’s there & a couple of hash browns each. It’s ages since we had either, as we have avoided Macca’s since the coffee changed to a bitter blend. However, we’d heard that their coffee is back to being good, so we decided to give it a try. It sure is good again, so we can hopefully get a decent coffee whenever we go to any Macca’s.

01 channel

After that, we had intended going to nearby Caves Beach but not knowing the way to the caves, we ended up at Swansea Heads instead. It is lovely there where the rock-walled channel links the lake and the sea. We decided to go for a walk on the south side, where we were parked.

03 rock fishermen

There’s a sheltered little sandy beach that would be great for little kids. Walking past the beach we came to where quite a few rock fishermen had rods out and their lines in the sea, hoping to catch dinner. There were also lots of anglers in small boats just outside the channel mouth. Farther out to sea, several colliers waited their turn to get access to Newcastle harbour to load up.

07 Breaking waves

It was picture postcard stuff. And so were the cliffs & the scattered rocks below them, which are so varied as to be amazing – sandstone, conglomerates, coal and others I don’t know. I took lots of photos of everything & used up all my phone battery.

The couple of hours we spent wandering the rocks & the beach were relaxing and yet also invigorating. The cold but gentle breeze was refreshing in the warm winter sunshine. Blue sky, waves breaking against the rocks, & multitudes of seagulls that had gathered on both sides of the channel, made us feel like we were on holidays.

06 Dirk

We set off home happy and content, and by the time we arrived there, we had circumnavigated the whole lake. The circumference of the lake is 147 kilometres. Here is more information on our beautiful lake and the city of Lake Macquarie.


I love being near the sea. The crashing waves are a tonic for me. Do love the sea shore?






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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day trip Linda, you describe it very well.

  2. I love rocks! Especially those flat ones that look as if they’re parts of a jigsaw puzzle. Amazing. 🙂

    • I love rocks too. My youngest son is a geologist. 🙂 The tile/jigsaw ones are amazing, aren’t they!

      • lol – so you’re keeping it in the family? And yeah, there’s a surreal quality about them.

  3. The weather at the moment on the coast of NSW is wonderful despite the chilly mornings. We have just returned from Alaska, Vancouver and Seattle and I was so happy to see the piercing blue skies of home again. It makes me feel so happy I know I could never live in a grey country. I could not leave the coast either as even a glimpse of sea from our backyard is enough to revive the spirits. You have inspired me to visit the beach more often. Here it is on our doorstep and so often we are caught up with other things. Now you have kept me long enough from my task of sorting the bookcases so I thank you for your inspiring words and will return to work.

    • Great to hear from you again Linda! Yes, the days have been beautiful, though we pay for them with cold nights – and no rain.

      Spending time by the sea is something I really missed when I lived inland, and I am grateful to be near enough to visit it any time. I am sure you will be too if you get to walk by the ocean as well as glimpse it from a distance. Have you moved house?

  4. Yes, I lived by the sea for a lot of years and I miss it in all its moods, from the smell of the fishing harbour to the salt scent of seaweed, to the angry days when the breakers came right up to the doors on the promenade. Your day sounds perfect to me.

    • There is certainly something special about the sea, in all seasons and conditions. It was a lovely day, that’s for sure. 🙂

  5. I love the sea shore – and the mountains where we are now. I understand about the right blend of coffee. It’s hard to start the day without it. Just ask my husband!

    Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  6. That sunshine is fabulous, Linda. Our winters are solid rain, so getting outside for a walk isn’t quite as spectacular. I love the blue skies and water, but those patterned rocks really intrigued me. I’m glad you got outside for a beautiful day.

    • Yes, Diana, the sunshine is fabulous to get out into. Unfortunately, we aren’t getting any rain, and the inland is in the grip of a severe drought, with farmers in a really bad way and rivers that usually flow are dried up.
      I love that pattern to the rocks & had to include it in the photos I posted.

      • Oh, sorry to hear about the drought. Global climate change is drying out our rain forest as well and fire danger is up. Take care.

  7. It looks as though you had a wonderful day! I love walking along the sea shore, too.

    • There is something special, maybe even primal, about the sea that draws us to it, I think. 🙂

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