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I was so happy when my novel, Thursday’s Child, became available on Kindle on the first of February. At last, all the effort and angst of writing it had taken on a certain reality. People could buy it and read it and, hopefully, let me and others know that they liked it. I know it was a real pleasure to see it download onto my own Kindle device.

However, it was when the printed books arrived, on the day after it appeared on Kindle, that I felt the reality of my book’s publication. There is nothing like holding your own work in your hands, feeling the weight of it, turning the pages and seeing the words printed on real pages. That is when I jumped about in excitement, my book raised in my hand, and my husband hugged me in congratulation.


I am au fait with several types of technology, and have hundreds of books on my Kindle that I have really enjoyed reading. I know that many of my readers will also read my book on their electronic device. But, to me, born and growing up when all of this technology was almost unthinkable, it is the solidity of the printed word that makes it all real.

I have already had one Kindle reader enthusiastically tell me that my novel is “brilliantly written”. Wow, who can’t love that (thanks Janet)! Now I am waiting for the first reader of the paperback version to let me know what they think of my second literary child – Thursday’s Child.

If you have read my novel, or if you intend to read it, I would love to have you tell me your thoughts on it.

The electronic version of Thursday’s Child is available here


Linda Visman


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  1. I intend to read your novel, probably the e-version, LInda. I’m so proud of you, bringing your book to reality, feeling the heft of it turning the pages.

    My own work in progress feels more real now that I have chosen a title. The wording is subject to change, but right now it’s Mennonite in Shiny Red Shoes: A Memoir. Best wishes on the launch. Marketing is the final stage!

    • Thanks Marian! So pleased you want to read my book! Yes, marketing is the part I hate.
      How good is it when you have established a title – it means you are well on the way. Wishing you all the best as you work through your memoir.

  2. Follow-up comment. The link you provided applies only to buyers in Australia and New Zealand. Here is the link I used for Aerican buyers: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?rh=n%3A133140011%2Ck%3AThursday%27s+Child&keywords=Thursday%27s+Child&ie=UTF8

    It requires just 1-2 more steps, but you might want to be aware of the difference. 🙂

    • Ah, yes. Thanks Marian. I tried to get onto the US amazon site to get the link, but kept being sent to the Australian one. I must add your link as well.

  3. Sorry for the typo: “American” buyers please!

  4. Look at those big boxes. How wonderful is that? I agree that holding the real thing is so much more a thrill than just seeing it online. Congrats, Linda!

  5. What a champion you are Linda! Congratulations again. Looking forward to that coffee sometime soon I hope 🙂 Hugs Linda

  6. Congratulations! This is always such a great moment. I wish you all success!

  7. I never got further than the electronics – it must be a great feeling! Congratulations, Linda – it looks good!

  8. When I read a book, I choose one to hold and turn pages. I may not always purchase books but I do fill out library requisition forms for my fellow bloggers, so now will ask for yours to be bought. It may “work” as it did a couple times! 🌟

    • Robin, I hope that your acquisition request is approved, and that you get to read my book. Many thanks for popping into my blog. It is wonderful to attract readers who love books. All the very best to you. 🙂

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