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This is the first time I have entered the wordpress photo challenge. I see it as a simple way to get back to my blog, whilst at the same time bringing a little order to it. So this week’s challenge is rather apt.

I have mentioned before that I love a game called Bananagrams. In it, one creates a crossword that brings order out of the chaos of jumbled letter tiles. I usually play on our outside verandah but, occasionally, when it is much too cold to go out, I clear a section of the dining room table and play on the tablecloth.

Here are a couple of completed Bananagrams, one I did outside and one inside. Because of the design on the tablecloth, I think that one brings more a sense of order than the other, but I love the grain on the wooden table.


On the dining room tablecloth


On the verandah table


Bananagrams allow me to bring some order into my life when it feels like things are out of control. They make a great way to relax.


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  1. Can others see the 2 photos that are with this blog? I can’t!

    • I sure can Linda and they are a great interpretation of this week’s theme. Very ordered and great words too. Have to get online to source a game, being so portable it will be a nice addition to our camping games.

  2. Hi Linda, The photo slots come up blank for me.

  3. Hi Linda. Unfortunately I can’t see the photos either. I love word games, too, although I have never played Bananagrams. It sounds fun!

  4. Hi Linda – good to have you back! You’ll have heard this before: yep, no pictures, just blank grey frames. As a lover of all kinds of puzzles, I am now hooked, Bananagrams – a must discover!

    • Thanks Frederick. See my comment below re not seeing the photos.
      It is nice to be back & I hope to keep going, at least on posting photos – as long as people can see them!
      Bananagrams are great! 🙂

  5. I cannot understand why overseas viewers can’t see the photos. I posted them just as I always have. It is a puzzle! Unless it is because you are using a tablet or phone?

    • I am on my desk top computer and I also can’t see your photographs. However in my reader list of followed blogs I can see one of the picture, but when I open to read your blog just two blanks. Must be something with wordpress.

  6. I can’t see your pics via your blog but they came up in my RSS feed.

  7. I have deleted the photos, then re-entered them into the blog and reposted it, but the photos still don’t show up. If photos don’t show up on my next post, I will ask for help from wordpress.

  8. One of my favorite games too. I love the freedom to go anywhere with it. And, of course, I love words. So lovely to see you easing back into blogging!

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