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I just watched the first ½ of our ABC news programme and I’ve had enough.




The avalanche of bad news, with a sprinkling of good, becomes too much. I often wonder how can we absorb so much information and remain sane.

We are constantly bombarded by information, options for belief or non-belief, decisions to make, people to assess from too little information, war-mongering and actual war, the hypocrisy of so many of our so-called leaders, the terrible conditions in which many people live, the intolerance and bigotry of religion and social attitudes, and much, much more.

We were never meant to take in so much so quickly, and so constantly.


brain- too many tabs


How are we supposed to process it all? I know many people who don’t even try. They take a slice of life and concentrate on whatever relates to that. They don’t look at anything else, even important things that may seriously affect them.

That, I believe is one of the reasons well over half of the population refrains from involvement in politics, in social welfare issues, in human rights issues, and even in potentially world-changing issues such as climate change and refugees.

They simply identify what they want to believe about an issue – something that reduces it to a slogan is the preferred option – and make that their ‘belief system’. That way, they don’t have to think through an issue – they can just chant their slogan.

They are the people who blindly follow autocrats who seem like they know what they’re talking about, or at least make a lot of noise about it. If they did take the time and the effort to open their minds and think about what that person is really preaching, they would turn away in an instant.

But they don’t, and that is how (almost always) men become dictators, leading their countries into totalitarianism, a complete regulation of life and destroying whatever freedom there may once have been.

I could point the finger now at several countries around the world where this is happening, but those of you reading this are probably thinkers (non-thinkers are too lazy to bother) and you will already know to whom I refer.

And isn’t that always the problem? We are all talking to those who already agree with what we are saying. There are so few who honestly consider at least a few sides of the problems we face (there are always more than two).

I read somewhere that human brains are wired primarily in two ways. Just under half – about 45% will lean towards conservatism and control; 45% will lean towards liberalism and freedom. Only about 10% will actually be fully open-minded and therefore consider issues on their merits.


Comparison -liberal or conservative


Several studies have been done on the differences between the brains of Republicans and Democrats. This one is interesting, and others show similar results. More study is needed of course, but if the differences could be taken into account and issues presented in different ways, there may be some small change.

But it will always be a battle, I think, to get general agreement on many issues.

So, I left the news programme to my husband and came to my study to write this post. That’s enough television for tonight. I think I will go and overload on Facebook instead.



(c)   Linda Visman




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  1. Well said. We are in the USA at the moment. Nearly everyone we speak to is horrified by Donald Trump. Yet they are saying they won’t vote because they don’t like Hillary Clinton. Coming from a country where voting is compulsory I am puzzled by this attitude. Surely no leader is perfect but every person must be involved in deciding who makes the important decisions.

    • Hi to you in the U.S., Linda!
      What a waste of votes! It is hard to believe that people would not at least vote for what they might consider second-best – as long as it is not Trump! And if they don’t like Clinton, then they should support Sanders, who seems to be by far the best candidate anyway.
      But you can’t change people who have set course in one direction. 😦

  2. Information bias is the current UK trend, so actual hard copy tends not to be too plentiful, unless it has first been massaged by the most interested party. I agree absolutely with the study, yet I can see why we don’t exercise the alternative to Republican (Conservative) exploitation in UK, because the opposition party is so much worse.
    I like the idea – no, I relish the thought – of conducting experiments upon Republican brains. Perhaps we could wire them up to one another, and introduce some form of stimulating electric charge?

  3. I definitely get overloaded too, Linda. The information is repetitive and biased. Here is the US it’s all insane politics and we get almost no international news. What we do get is propaganda so it’s hard to know what is the truth. The comparison between parties is really interesting and says a lot about human beings. I just try to put as much loving and peaceful energy out there as I can. The world needs it. 🙂

    • We get propaganda too, Diane, more and more as we approach our own major elections. Only about 10 days to go and we will see whose scare tactics have worked the most effectively. 😦

      • Trump isn’t going to win, but my husband and I fantacize about where in the world we would move if he did. Then we learn that other countries are often dealing with the same challenges. It’s disheartening to realize that other leaders are also focused on exploiting fear. 😦

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