Some Memories of My Yesterdays

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I have written just a few memories here in the form of an acrostic, using the above title. They are from my first thirteen years, and are limited by the letters I had available to me. They are also very brief, though I have already, or will in the future expand on some of them in other posts. It actually wasn’t that easy to do this self-imposed exercise!


School days at St Mary’s, St John’s, St Paul’s, St Mary’s & Dapto High

Oswaldtwistle, where I was born, and left when I was five

Making my own bows and arrows to play Indians

Entertaining ourselves with simple toys and games


Mowing the lawn at twelve

Easter rituals at Church and school

Mum’s green leather belt when we were naughty

Ordinary – that is how I saw my life; nothing special at all

Reading to find worlds of adventure

Ironing before heat controls or steam and burning my white school shirt

Earning a few pennies by opening & closing the railway gates for motorists

Singing old songs from England with my parents, uncle & Granddad



Odd one out – the middle child of five who didn’t fit anywhere else either

Finances always strained, with no money for extras


Milk – our milkman came around with a horse and cart

Yearning for I knew not what, but something more than I had


Yelling at my sisters & brother when I was angry – too often!

Eating Mum’s trifle at Xmas & New Year with Grandma, Uncle Fred & our families

Sitting at the kitchen table on stools that Dad had made

Taking Peter’s canoe onto the lake when I was forbidden to

Eating tough mutton chops & being unable to swallow the over-chewed meat

Radio serials like Superman and Tarzan that we listened to after school

Dad, David & Pauline hospitalised with polio

Accident, where I fell onto a joist when Dad was building an addition to the house

Yearly tests and trying to beat the two boys who were my main rivals

Songs from the 1940s, 50s and 60s that we listened to on the radio


What memories would you write if you did this acrostic exercise?



(c) Linda Visman



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  1. Would love to see the expanded version when done, nothing better than looking back on your childhood memories, this is wonderful

  2. I just tried this too. Quite an interesting exercise. It brought back a lot of memories but frustrating because I couldn’t put in some of the things I wanted to.

    • I had the same problem, Linda – so many things I could have put in if the letters had been there!
      Glad you tried it. 🙂

  3. That was pretty cool, Linda. I liked the hints at future stories. 🙂

  4. I admire your acrostic. It was probably hard to do because so many childhood memories crowd our minds, each competing for attention. You list the bitter with the sweet. I wonder whether your family members with polio were left crippled in some way. My family was frugal too, and often strapped for cash.

    • The acrostic didn’t have enough letters, either, Marian, so a lot missed out.
      Re the polio, my elder sister recovered fully, having had the Salk injection; my 3 y-o brother (now 57) has had problems all his life with his foot, leg & back from the effects of polio; and my dad fought off the predicted permanent crippling and incapacity by hard physical work and determination. He had some difficulties, but lived a good life until just before his 92nd birthday (he was 40 when he contracted it). 🙂

      • It seems as though a common family trait of determination helped your family members through their difficulties. Sorry to hear about your brother though. Thank you!

  5. What a cool idea to post on. Beautiful memories.

  6. […] Source: Some Memories of My Yesterdays […]

  7. I reblogged this @ I loved it so much.

  8. Lovely post!

  9. Linda, I am putting some thoughts together for the April Challenge. I read your last one which was poetry. How do I get to read examples of your earlier ones or other people’s A to Z challenges as not sure about length or suitability of my topic?

    • That is great to hear Linda! 🙂 I am doing it again too, with the theme Australian wildlife.
      You can do pretty well anything as a theme – or not even have a theme. I did memoir for my 2014 challenge. I like to have a theme to give me a bit of structure, but you don’t need one.
      Re length, it can be as long, or as short, as you like. Some people just post a photo, others just 100-500 words, but others do longer pieces.
      If you click the 2015 A to Z Challenge icon on the side bar of this post, it will take you to the 2016 Challenge. From there, you can find out how it works.
      Hopefully, it will also lead you to the posts of others who have done the challenge.
      Registration for the challenge opens on the 25th of this month, and as that date approaches, there will be more info & more blogs to see. You don’t need to register until you start on the 1st April, but it’s good to do it early & follow the page as then you get the info via email.
      If you want to read any of my 2014 A-Z posts, then do a search on my blog (there is a little search box down the right hand side bar) by putting in ‘A is for’. It should give you both the A posts for 2014 & 2015. Once you open & read the post, there should be a suggested post or 3 at the end, on the challenges.
      Let me know how you get on. 🙂

      • Thanks Linda. Will get back into it when the current block of babysitting is over.

  10. Made me think, Linda 🙂

  11. Reading this a month late; I love it! Such honest, straight-talking memories that seem to capture the essence of your childhood, the time, and the place.

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