A to Z Challenge – D is for Dirty Fingerprints

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A2Z-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good





I wrote this poem just after having my first grandchild visit from interstate.



Exactly a year ago they came to visit;

Their first interstate foray since his birth.

He was almost two years old,

Bright, active and adventurous,

Yet somehow shy and tentative

In this unfamiliar place.

We walked by the lake and he laughed

As the wind took his breath away.

He loved the boats on the water,

And saw where a generator spun in the wind.

“Umm!” he demanded. “More ummm!”

But there were no others to find.

He played happily with borrowed toys,

And slept peacefully in a borrowed cot,

Getting to know us a little more –

His Grandma and Opa.

A joy and a pleasure to have him –

However long or short the time.

It was only after they’d gone that we saw them.

Four or five, on the big glass door,

Where he’d leaned as he looked outside.

Handprints, tiny and perfectly formed,

Brought Aidan back to us in memory –

Our beautiful, bright-eyed grandson.

It was a long time before that glass door

Saw a cleaning cloth!

(c)  Linda Visman


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  1. Beautiful post Linda. I remember when our sons came to visit us from London and after they had left to go back again, there would be all sorts of traces of them left behind in the rooms they occupied. Always found it so sad.

    • It certainly is sad when they leave. I think it is the poignancy of their left-behind signs that moves us – a mixture of happiness at the memory and sadness that they are no longer there. 🙂

  2. I found this very moving, Linda. At this moment can hear my grandson waking in the next room and I see him at least once every week. I enjoy watching him grow and change so really feel for those separated from their grandchildren by distance or circumstances.

    • How fortunate you are, Linda! All seven (soon to be eight) of my own grandchildren, and all four of my husband’s live at a distance, and it can be months between seeing them. So much changes in a child when they are babies!

  3. I never had any children of my own, but I can certainly relate to your words. Beautifully written, Linda. 🙂

    • There are others that you miss in the same way, Lavinia, I’m sure. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  4. I can relate to this, Linda. As Don mentioned it is so sad and heartbreaking to live so far away from our grandchildren.

    • Yes, with your little one also far away, you know what it’s like too. Hope he is well and happy. 🙂

  5. Wow! Wonderfully written memory! Well said!

  6. This brought tears to my eyes, Linda, and I don’t even have a grandchild. Perhaps I’m hopelessly sentimental, but I don’t think so. It was the felicity of your images. Lovely.

  7. Grrr, wordpress won’t take my password. Let’s try this again.
    I’m dropping by from the A to Z Challenge. I’m just a few listings above yours on the participant list. Aren’t grandchildren the best! We have two, girls ages 7 and 9. They stay with us for a month every summer. When they leave I also find things left behind. I sold my car a few months ago and when I cleaned it out I found a small stuffed animal jammed in the ashtray in the back seat. We rarely use the back seat and no one smokes so it could have been there for years. It is hard when they don’t live close, isn’t it?

    • Ah, Jann, how fortunate you are to have them for a whole month!! And what a lovely find too. 🙂
      Yes, it can be very hard when they live so far away.
      Thanks for visiting – the A-Z Challenge is great, and I will check in on your blog soon. 🙂

  8. […] D is for Dirty Fingerprints […]

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