E is for Eight Random Things About Me

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A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

1. I was born in England, came to Australia in 1954 with my family, and am very glad my parents decided to migrate here. It’s the best country in the world (in spite of the politicians). SS New Australia

2. I dislike all forms of institutionalised religion, especially those that insist you must believe only in their doctrines. I think these have been the cause of a great deal of anguish and violence in the world. I was brought up a Catholic, but it was my parents, not the church who gave me a moral foundation; the church just gave me a lot of guilt.

3. I am a serial monogamist: My first marriage lasted sixteen years; my second relationship lasted twenty good years; I have now been happily married, for the second time for nine and a half years. wedding rings 4. From my first marriage I have five wonderful sons and six beautiful grandchildren – another due next month. My husband, who was Dutch, has two sons and a daughter, and four lovely grandchildren. We are a very Asia-oriented family; which is a good thing given Australia’s proximity to Asia. Of our combined (eight) children’s spouses, one is Japanese, one Chinese Malaysian, one Chinese and five Caucasian of Anglo descent. Five of our ten grandchildren are Eurasian. PALAR 1982

5. I have two brothers and two sisters, and we are all older than we want to be.

6. In this country I have lived in two states (NSW and South Australia) and one territory (Northern Territory), in regions ranging from sea to central desert and other inland areas. I love it all.


7. During the 1990s, I was a teacher, head teacher and principal in two schools in Aboriginal communities located far from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Those years were hard in terms of the effort I put into my work, but I loved my time there. The people are very welcoming and they know when they are being bull-shitted. Like any people, if you’re straight with them, care for and respect them, they will love and respect you.

62 Linda&Wilma with their class Apr 1991

8. I have wanted to write all my life, but until I was 57 in 2005, I thought I couldn’t do anything other than essays and reports (though I did them well). Then my husband encouraged me to try creative writing. This has opened up a well-spring of stories, poems and novels. I have published one YA novel, two children’s novels are almost ready for publication, and I am well into another YA novel. I have also been writing this blog since January 2010, and it has been great for both myself and my writing.


Is there something about you and your life that’s a bit different? Share one interesting fact about yourself.


© Linda Visman 3rd April 2014   (445 words)


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  1. Great story Linda…

  2. It was so good to read about you Linda. You must have quite a story to tell. Seems to me you have the United Nations for a family. What a gift that is. 🙂

  3. Thanks Don. It is lovely to have 7 wonderful daughters-in law and one son-in-law, who have given us all those lovely grandchildren. 🙂
    People tell me I should write books about my experiences but I can’t do that directly. I put some of who I am, and some of the bits & pieces that have happened to me in my fiction stories instead.
    The two children’s stories I have written are set in a remote community in the NT and are based on what I learned when I was there.
    “Ben’s Challenge”, my novel has aspects of myself (I wanted to be a boy), my father and my older brother, and the life portrayed there is like life in the late 1950’s when I was young.
    So I suppose I am telling some of my world at least in those stories.

  4. It sounds like you’ve embarked on an amazing journey as a writer. May you find many joys amid the ups and downs of creative writing.

    • Thank you Joanne. I do derive a great deal of pleasure from my writing. I hope you do too. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  5. It’s so good to read about you and your family, Linda. 🙂

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