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For months, I haven’t been able to write. If you read my last blog post you will know that a combination of fear and lethargy have shackled me.

Last week, my writing group had a social get-together. We talked about our writing,  shared stories, ate lunch and drank tea or coffee or water, and laughed a lot.

Make time to write

The day after that, I began going back through the 19 chapters I’d already written to get into the mood and the story again..

After that, I wrote another chapter, one that linked chapters 15 and 16. I discovered that I had already written over 38,500 words on my second Y.A. novel, Thursday’s Child. I had no idea I had written so much.

Then yesterday morning, two of the group and myself had a “write-in”, sitting at a picnic table in a local park. Our challenge was to write as many words as we could on our individual projects. We had short chats about our writing, regular writing, and also speed writing sessions – as many words as possible in 15 minutes bursts.The park, with F-Jetty through the trees.

It was all aimed at getting us to just write. To get words on paper, without thinking, and see where those words took us.

For me, it was fantastic. The chapter I was working on flowed, and in a direction I had not expected.


Today, I went to the same park with my husband. We went for a walk along the lake shore, then he lay on the bed in our camper van to read, while I sat at the same picnic table as before and just wrote.

From the two days’ writing, I have a full chapter that I am quite happy with.

All this time, I have been afraid to write. Now, with the help of my writing friends, I have made the leap from fear and immobility  to excitement and fluency.

How good is that!


(c) Linda Visman



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  1. Linda, what you describe sounds marvellous. I’ve had moments like that when it seems to just flow without any real effort. It’s an inspiring feeling. I wish I could have more moments like that, but I must confess they tend to be rather thin.

  2. I’m excited for you Linda, it’s great news. It sounds to me like you needed what Julia Cameron calls an Artist’s Date in her book The Artist’s Way. Somewhere to fill your emotional tanks. The park makes sense too … where else would your muse hang out!

  3. Thanks Linda. It seems that I can always write better and more freely when I am outside with nature. As you say, where else would my Muse hang out! 🙂

  4. Absolutely wonderful! I know exactly how you feel. I really miss my writing groups since moving here and the inspiration and motivation they gave me when I needed it.

  5. So happy for you! Fancy, you had written more than you remembered! I’m not going to say I told you say but that is one of the advantages of keeping a record of the pages you have written! Well done you! I’m sure now you will be able to keep it up!

    • Thanks Debbie – I intend to keep going now! It was only when I had transcribed my handwritten efforts to the computer that I discovered how many words I had actually written. It does give a boost! 🙂

      • I’m so pleased for you. Keep writing!

  6. It’s great to know that you are on the way again! Keep up the momentum. 🙂

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