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February 10, 2012 at 10:58 am | Posted in Australia, Gardens, Nature, Writing and Life | 2 Comments
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On Our Verandah  

It is 9.30am, and I am sitting overlooking the front yard with my coffee, trying to do some work on my latest novel.

Crows are cawing in the distance, somewhere near the lake, and a magpie carols happily nearby. The drone of a chainsaw over the ridge competes with the their calls. I hope no more trees are being massacred over there.

In the bottlebrush tree that brushes against the verandah rail next to me, several Rainbow Lorikeets chitter and squawk as they milk nectar from a few late blossoms.                                                                  A Noisy Miner on a banksia blossom

 Noisy Miners dive-bomb any other bird they see, and the threatening clack of their sharp beaks is clearly audible over the background noise.

A flock of corellas flies over our little vale, probably off to find nuts or fruit or seeds on trees further inland.

I was pleased to see this morning that the two young Tawny Frogmouth owls are still roosting in the rough-barked tree by our back door. They seem to know they are safe there.

  The other day, as we ate lunch on the verandah, a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets came to see if there was seed in the feeder that hangs under the eaves. There was none, so they asked for some, politely at first, bobbing their heads and bodies at us from the rail a couple of feet away. We told them we would get some after we’d eaten. That is when they became demanding, screeching at us impatiently.

As soon as my husband approached the seed can that we keep on the verandah – after we had finished eating, of course – they could hardly contain their excitement. They hovered next to the feeder as the seed went in, and then chittered their thanks as they tucked into their own lunch. 

© Linda Visman 10th Feb. 2012

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  1. Lovely photos and well-crafted words. Delightful post, Linda. 🙂

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