The Last of My January Small Stones

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The Small Stones challenge at Writing Our Way Home ended on the 31st January. Taking on the challenge has made me more aware of my surroundings and of the things happening every day that I don’t usually notice. Here are the last seven stones that I wrote. I hope you enjoy them.

Small Stone 25 Harmony in the Dirt

It is a scavenging herbivore that feeds on decaying plant matter on the moist forest floor or the suburban garden.

Its long, cylindrical body consists of many segments, each with one or two pairs of legs.

How wonderful it would be if humans could work together as well as do the many legs on a millipede.

Small Stone 26 Leech

What an amazing animal is the leech!

To feed, it relies on the presence of an animal – I wonder what it does when there are none around.

Today, in the rainforest, five of them had a feed from me,

and it didn’t worry me at all.

I would rather feed a real leech than a human one.

Small Stone 27 Change

I am overwhelmed with images, with sounds and smells;

with memories of the place where I grew up and of its beauty;

– and with the changes that have despoiled it.

In too many cases, productive dairy farms have given way

to new roads and streets, to concrete and fences,

to new schools, and housing developments of Macmansions

– and to imported dairy products in the supermarkets.

Small Stone 28 No Trade

Chatting and playing with family by the sea – children and grandchildren;

cooking, then eating dinner with my older men – husband and father;

a relaxing glass of wine to top it off.

I won’t trade you this day!

Small Stone 29 Summer Day

The heat of the sun blazes down on unprotected skin.

It has been cloudy for days, with more rain forecast,

but today we feel the normal heat of summer.

I have enjoyed the relative coolness up to this,

but summer must eventually have its time, even if it is late arriving.

Small Stone 30 Figs

Figs, rich purple and maroon,

sun-warmed, sweet and juicy.

Birds had managed to get a few

through the netting, but I, for one,

don’t mind sharing with them.

Small Stone 31 An Interesting Day

Taking our Chinese in-laws for a walk in the rainforest – they loved it;

Eating lunch with them in my sister’s house, and showing these high-rise dwellers her vegetable garden – they loved that too.

While driving them home, a pain began in my ankle that it grew worse and worse – an hour later I could not walk on it.

A trip to E.R., where examinations, blood tests and X-rays all showed no problem, but morphine slightly eased the intense pain.

The outcome – home again, pain easing, and we still don’t know the cause.

The morphine’s after-effects ensure this last stone will be a larger than usual and rambling to nowhere.

But I couldn’t miss the last day of the January small stone challenge – and I made them all!

I really enjoyed this challenge, and I hope to keep up the practice. I will write pebbles from now on – Pebbles in the River.

Why don’t you join me in the exercise? Just look around; notice things; then write a small piece on them. See if it helps you to be more aware of your surroundings.

Linda Visman

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