My Number – Five

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My writing group was posed a challenge to write about a number that has some meaning to them. Here is my response:

I don’t mind numbers – they can be very helpful. But, long ago, the concepts involved in numbers were strange to most people. That gave rise to an association of beliefs and superstitions to certain numbers, many of which have carried on to this day.

Lots of people believe in the pseudo-science of Numerology. Numbers can be lucky or unlucky, depending on which culture you belong to. If it is lucky to find a four-leaf clover for example, imagine how much luckier it is to find a five-leaf clover.

I don’t believe in the power of numbers, but I do sort of like the number five. Do you know how many beliefs there are surrounding the number five? Lots! In every culture across the world, numbers have special representations, whether to gods or to elements or to superstitions 

The number five has its own plethora of esoteric connections, probably the most well known of which is the five-pointed star, the pentagram, believed by Wiccans and others to ward off evil. And did you know that, if you dream about the number five, you will become famous? I have obviously never dreamed about it!

 The number five has certain symbolic connections for me, but they have nothing to do with superstition or belief in the occult. They are much more personal. I started school when I turned five. There were only five years of high school when I attended. I have two brothers and two sisters, so we are five siblings. I just loved the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton when I was a child. Five also seems to be an appropriate number of digits to have on each hand – and I notice how difficult it is when my arthritis prevents me from using all five of them.

But mostly, five is associated with my five sons. They are my special number, and I think five will stay my favourite, even as the number of my grandchildren changes and grows. Those five boys, now arrived at or about to enter middle age, will always remain very precious to me.


© Linda Visman

5th November 2011


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