Fiction or Non-fiction?

June 8, 2011 at 1:51 am | Posted in Reading, Writing and Life | Leave a comment

How I answer that question depends from which perspective I am looking at it. If I take it from being a reader, then my answer will be ‘mostly fiction’. I like to read for relaxation most of the time, and a fast-paced crime thriller does it for me, if it is well written.

However, I do like to read non-fiction as well. It is usually memoir or auto/biography, because I am interested in people. Not in celebrities – no, I am not a celebrity lover at all, and have no time for them. I like stories of ordinary people living ordinary, or not-so-ordinary lives, or whose tales bring to life another time and place. Sometimes, I need to do research for my own writing, which gives me another reason to read non-fiction.  And I like to read a certain number of blogs too.

I write short stories and novels, but I also write memoir and biography. So, if I look at the question from the perspective of a writer, I will say, ‘both fiction and non-fiction’. Both types of writing have a place, though they often overlap (I’m thinking of some of those celebrity bios out there). When I was younger, fiction predominated in the marketplace. However, nowadays, I see that there are a great many non-fiction books out there. It is even easier these days to get a non-fiction book, article, etc published than it is to get fiction published.

So, overall, it is not ‘fiction OR non-fiction’, it is ‘both of them’.

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