The Most Destructive Force to Mankind

September 5, 2011 at 2:14 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

There are many natural forces that could destroy mankind. Some of them could cause complete or almost complete destruction. These might be:

- a huge asteroid colliding with the planet;

- a world-wide super virus that has no antidote;

- a build-up of core pressures in the earth, causing enormous volcanoes, earthquakes and super weather events all around the world.

However, these scenarios are not likely, at least in the reasonably foreseeable future.

The most likely force that could, and probably will, cause major destruction to mankind is mankind itself. Indeed, it has already been going on for at least hundreds, if not thousands of years.

We have interfered so much with the earth that it is heading to a point where it will be beyond recovery. Over-population, over-use of non-renewable resources, wars and economic competition, the destruction and/or contamination of food producing land and water resources and other destructive practices, mean our world will one day be unable to sustain us.

Mankind is its own worst enemy, and I can understand why authors write, and readers and audiences devour, books and movies about the destruction of our earth. One day, unless we change our ways right now, it is very likely that Armageddon – or the end of the world as we know it – will indeed be upon us.

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  1. You echo my sentiments so well, Linda – man is the biggest problem our planet faces. There are too many of us and we are failing to take care of our most precious resources.

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